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防災センター要員講習・自衛消防業務講習お申し込み方法等 | 一般社団法人東京防災設備保守協会<略称:保守協会>

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Get some practice with the following sample queries;
- official information sources in Japan: 1, 2.
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- professional or academic resources in Japan: 1, 2.
- various topics and social issues related to computers: 1, 2, and 3.
- linguistic topics of the modern and popular Japanese language: 1, 2.

More tricky tasks for experts;
- Compare the qualities of Wikipedia entries in English and in Japanese: 1.
- Collect all blog hosts regardless of whether it includes the word ‘blog’: 1.
- Find the “non well-formed” sources to cover details on your research: 1, 2.



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